Roseyards Presbyterian Church Ballymoney

Bible Class

The Bible Class is for young people who are in their 3rd and 4th year at Secondary School.

We meet together with the Sunday Club from about 11 – 11.10 am, and then we have our own separate class until about 11.45.

The two year curriculum covers all of the essentials of basic Christian discipleship.

Most importantly we look at the way of salvation through Jesus Christ. We do this with the help of two video-based courses, called ‘Soul’ and ‘Changing Lanes.’

Other essential topics include:

  • Bible reading
  • prayer
  • worship
  • the Church
  • relationships
  • the ten commandments
  • the beatitudes
  • the Lord’s prayer
  • evangelism
  • mission
  • helping the poor
  • the sacraments of baptism and communion.

At the end of the two years, the young people have the opportunity to celebrate communion, and become full members of the Church. There is no pressure to do so however. It is important for the young people to be sure of their faith in, and commitment to, Christ before celebrating Communion for the first time.

The Bible Class is quite informal. It’s not like a school class. It’s more friendly and relaxed. At the same time we recognize that there is nothing more important than learning about God, his way of salvation, and how he wants us to live.