Roseyards Presbyterian Church Ballymoney

Service Of Worship

Our Service of Worship is from 12 noon to 1 pm (except in July and August when it’s from 11 am to 12 noon).

As you arrive you will be welcomed at the door. Then you can sit anywhere you like, or we can show you to a seat.


During the Service, we sing psalms and hymns, led by the choir. The hymns can be traditional or modern. The words are projected onto large screens at the front (however, hymnbooks and song sheets are available, if you prefer).

During the Service we also pray – to praise God for who he is, to thank him for what he has done, to confess our own shortcomings, and to ask for help both for ourselves and for others. We also normally pray the Lord’s Prayer together.

We also hear the word of God. Normally there are two Bible readings, one of which is read by the Minister and the other by a member of the congregation. Bibles (New International Version) are provided in the pews. Large print Bibles are available in the vestibule as you come in.

Then there is a sermon in which God’s eternal word is applied to our everyday lives.

The Service typically lasts about one hour.

A creche is available if you have wee ones (although they’re also welcome in the Service). About half way through the Service, after the offering, children of primary school age can go out for Children’s Church.

After the Service, everyone is welcome to go across to the hall for a cup of tea or coffee, and some biscuits, and a chat.

We also have an Evening Service of Worship, though not every week. This is usually from 7.30 – 8.30 pm. Sometimes this Service is in the Church, or it may be in the more informal setting of our hall.